Microtexne Delta 6

POS System ... Sales System


the multi-country sales POS system

pos system

Our sales system are free of contracts and subscriptions

sistema de venta sin conexion

Delta does not require internet to work, the delta 6 sales system is always available

sales system

add all items and make all sales without limitations

sistema de ventas multi sucursal

the database is always with you, you do not depend on others, the data is yours

pos system free

The Delta 6 sales system includes the latest updates absolutely free

sistema de ventas compatible

compatible with windows versions 10, 8 and 7

sistema de ventas con asistencia

sales POS system includes 90-day free remote support

sistema defacturacion licencia vitalicia

Starting from scratch? ... no problem, all you need to get started is a PC.

pos software

use delta 6 all life, the full license is indefinite


Delta sales POS system for multiple activities

sistema de venta repuestossistema de venta panaderíasistema de ventas bicicletasistema de venta ferreteriassistema de venta boutiquesistema de venta tecnologiasistema de venta para botillerías

Microtexne Delta 6 is a free sales system for hardware stores, barracks, bakeries, patisseries, bakeries, spare parts sales, restaurants, clothing stores, boutiques, pharmacies and drugstores, shoe stores, grocery stores, technology stores, minimarkets, warehouses, repair shops , hardware, kiosks, ice cream parlors, confectioneries and much more.

works with many tax systems

sistema de ventas sistema tributario

Both our Free and complete sales program, adapts to many tax systems and is already used in many countries ... it is multi language and its tax options are very configurable, it supports multiple taxes, multiple currencies, multiple forms of payment, its models of sales receipts are highly configurable, it supports up to 3 base VAT, withholdings, exempt, additional taxes. In addition, it allows series for testers and can integrate electronic invoicing systems in many countries thanks to its configurable template in XML format or plain text.

Work in network, send reports, connect

sistema de ventas en red

Optionally, the sales system Microtexne Delta, allows to share the information of 2 or more terminals connected in a local area network (LAN). Thus, while administrative actions are executed on one PC, in the others it is sold, all simultaneously. In addition, Delta includes a free messenger instant messenger client.

sistema de ventas por correo

Delta will automatically send box closure reports by mail. Also a user can send most listings and other reports. In addition, the POS can send its clients a copy of the quotes. It works with any POP account of own or free domain.

sistema de ventas compartido

Request information about the existence and price of a product to another geographically separated branch, all in real time while you sell. If you have 2 or more branches with Delta full version, request the free communications component that allows you to send inquiries of existence and price.


additional modules for Delta 6

AR Delta

sistema de ventas remoto

Manage the Delta 6 sales system from a remote location using any windows PC. AR allows remote administration of Delta6. It can be carried in a pendrive or an SD memory. Use it to get some reports and perform some administrative tasks wherever you are, just need a pc or notebook connected to the internet.


TPV Additional POS

sistema de venta en red

TPV additional POS for Delta 6, is the module with which it will be able to attend to public in several PCs at the same time. Use it on a local area network (lan). The additional POS can work in two ways: as an additional box, or as a ticket issuer. Use as many POS terminals as you need to place them at your location.


Mt Mesas

sistema de venta para restaurantes

For restaurants we also have a solution. MtMesas, is an additional module specially designed to accompany the Delta sales system. Install it on the same PC next to Delta, or on another PC connected to a local area network. Handle your customers' accounts neatly at up to 56 tables, all in one convenient interface.



sistema de venta para taller

Meccano is a good complement specially designed to carry the management in repair workshops. Carry the history of care and cases, in car repair shops, machinery, bicycles, motorcycles, electronics and more. It can be installed in the same PC next to the sales system Delta, or in another PC connected in lan network.



sistema de ventas en terreno

Consultor is the additional module that will allow field vendors to enter orders using their smartphones. The orders sent will be immediately received at Delta sales system.

The result of this is better order management.


vouchers, printers, accessories and integration

Bar code reader, ticket scale and cash drawer

Delta 6 can read product labels or labels on a scale using any standard barcode reader for windows. You can also directly connect cash drawers using the old com1 port for delta to open them electronically, or connect them to your printer for them to open when printing.

Printing using templates on almost any type of printer

Our Microtexne Delta 6 sales system allows the user to build their own receipts using a word processor, for example, Microsoft Word. Delta 6 prints its sales in current printers such as inkjet or matrix printers and can also generate sales vouchers or tickets on thermal or mini-matrix printers, on a single paper or in carbonless paper.

How to start with the billing system?


Download and evaluate


activate it and work!

software de ventas requiere PC basico  descargue y evalue el software de facturacion  pedido de sistema de facturacion  activar el programa de facturacion 

you need a basic PC


Is it useful? ... request it

Download and evaluate Delta 6 for free

you will download the auto-installer
(ZIP format) of 13.4 mb

Sales System Requirements 
Installation Troubleshooting
Compatible Security
Delta 6 analysis with more than 50 antivirus
Help centers and tutorials

Additional Modules

The additional modules will only work if the full Delta 6 sales system is pre-installed.

If you have already downloaded and installed Delta 6, you can continue, otherwise download delta by clicking on the Download Delta 6 button

AR Delta 6
Remote Administrator
to Delta 6

+ information

TPV Additional POS
Additional Selling Module
to Delta

+ information

Antivirus scan

Mt Mesas
Command terminal
to Delta

+ information

Antivirus scan

Workshop management
to Delta

+ information

Antivirus scan

Field Orders
to Delta

+ information


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