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Delta 6 POS software

TPV Single Payment Sales Management POS for a single payment

Point of sale software free of expensive subscriptions

Microtexne Delta 6 POS software, is a complete sales software with which you can, among other things, manage purchases, sales, stocks, customers, suppliers and much more. It easily integrates with third-party electronic invoice applications, thus transofaming any common computer, into a complete Sales System.

You can also extend the functionalities of our Sales system Microtexne Delta, through the use of add-ons. Some of these are: Meccano, with which you can manage sales in a mechanical workshop, and MT Mesas, with which you can manage orders in a restaurant.

To start working with this POS software, all you need is a simple computer.


Micromascot veterinary medical software

Micromascot veterinary software medical software veterinary software

Veterinary software for clinics of all sizes

At Microtexne we have developed an excellent veterinary desktop application. Micromascot will help the veterinarian to manage his clinic, turning his PC into a true veterinary assistant.

With our veterinary software, doctor will be able to keep the clinical history of patients and clients in detail; photos, procedures, recipes, schedule appointments, define schedules, manage employees and much more.

Our Veterinary Software will become the ideal veterinary assistant for clinic management anywhere.

software veterinario

RentitAll car rental reservation software

RentitAll Car rental reservation software software rentacar rent a car software

Rent software very simple and economical

RentitAll is a rental software with which you can easily operate a rent a car office.

Our rental management software will allow you to keep track of reservations, and the income of your entire fleet of vehicles from its simple and friendly interface.

Among other functions, the user of RentitAll rentacar software, can establish tariffs, fines, enter reservations, print sales receipts, contracts, rental orders and much more, making RentitAll one of the simplest car rental reservation software available.

software rentacar

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